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Courses and Teaching materials


University of Kansas

Basic Video Production

Experimental Film Studies

Apocalypse Film Studies

Digital Storytelling 


Ithaca College

Cinema Production Colloquium

Cinema Production 1

Advanced Cinema Production: Sound for Image

Advanced Cinema Production: Non-Fiction Production

Advanced Cinema Production: Digital Editing

Advanced Cinema Production: Directing for Film

Apocalypse Film

Thesis Cinema Production

Collaborative Media Arts

Audio Documentary in Antigua


Humboldt State University

Directing For Film

Digital Editing with Media 100

Audio II

Cinematography III

Film Production Crew

Cinematography II

Experimental Film Production

Optical Printing/ Animation Techniques                                 

Writing For Film


Syracuse University

Art History: Avant-Garde Cinema: 1920 to the Present

Beginning Screenwriting: Short Form

Film Production: Material Aspects

Aesthetics in Visual Culture: Painting through Cinema

Short Form Films: Investigations

Senior Post-Production


University of Iowa

Introduction to Media Production   

Coordinator for Introduction to Media Production

Graduate Research Assistant to Franklin Miller

Electronic Field Production

Film Production 1


Introduction to Media Production

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